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The latest issue of The Peer Bulletin Magazine is now available to all subscribers. This is the March, 2020 edition and the Table of Contents is pictured below. Subscriptions are still $55 for a never-ending period and can be obtained:

This month we are making individual articles available to Spirit Mentor subscribers at no cost. Just email us which article in this issue you’d like sent to you via an emailed PDF. Your request will help us learn which articles are of most interest to readers.

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Helping Homeless Youth

Every year at this time since Peer Resources incorporated in 1980, we donate all commissions to a local organization that works with homeless youth.

This year we are making our donation to the Victoria CoolAid Society (#VicCoolAid). Please feel free to join us. If you donate $50 or more we will provide you with a free (non-ending) subscription to The Peer Bulletin Magazine or a free copy of my mentoring e-book, Shaping the Future:150+Canadian Mentoring Relationships that Make Canada Great, Creative, Innovative, Productive, Successful and Welcoming. (Email your donation receipt to us to get the free subscription.)

Donations can be made at this link:

Mentoring Quotes Booklet Available as a Gift

Quotes are a valuable way to create value in mentoring. They can serve as a source of inspiration, an acknowledgment of value gained, a tool for clarifying ideas and act as a catalyst for reflection and learning.

Over the years, I have collected a variety of quotes which I originally used in workshops, training, and professional publications. Sometimes quotes lend credibility to ideas since many of the quotes come from well-known persons in history or contemporary society.

Quotes can also be used as a basis for discussion of ideas and meaning. I’ve also used the quotes as the basis for an experiential exercise with participants by asking a question about the quote such as ‘how might this relate to your experience?’ You may find that a quote reminds you of a story or anecdote. Maybe the quote has a special meaning for you. This curated e-book provides an opportunity for users to make notes or add reflections about the quotes to make them more useful in discussing mentoring or conducting training sessions.

To download the entire 22-page booklet:

If you find value in this booklet, please consider making a donation to Wounded Warriors Canada, a peer mentoring service for veterans, first responders and their families. Donations can be made here:

All the best for the Holiday Season.