Who Mentored Whom Quiz Learning Activity

If time and facilities permit, I often use the Who Mentored Whom Quiz either as a ‘warm-up’ activity prior to the Mentors in Our Lives activity or as a fun way to conclude the Mentors in Our Lives activity.

Albert Einstein
Physicist and mentor, Albert Einstein (1879-1955) Who was his mentor? and Whom did he mentor?

 The Quiz is a video that shows many famous mentoring pairs, and   asks viewers to identify each person of the pair and guess which   one was the mentor and which one was the partner. The video   version that I have made is available on YouTube and draws from   the thousands of famous mentoring pairs listed on the Peer   Resources website.

 This particular video on YouTube was prepared for a group of   Canadian executives and includes mostly well-known Canadians   who were (are) mentors and the well-known person they mentored. While the Quiz has a ‘scoring’ system, the real purpose of the Quiz is to reinforce the extent of mentoring throughout all walks of life, enable participants to gain insights about mentoring relationships, and have fun.

I suggest that users of this activity select the mentoring pairs from our list that will be most relevant to their own group, and then use Powerpoint to make their own Quiz or presentation.

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