Matching Mentors

I used to travel extensively and spoke at various conferences about mentoring. Since many of the participants were new to mentoring, I would often accompany my talk with a slide show or movie about mentoring relationships of well-known personalities, celebrities, sports figures, or politicians.

This goal had three outcomes. One, I discovered how much more popular informal mentoring has been over the ages than I had realized; two, audience members were often inspired to take action towards mentoring based on their admiration for the people, heroes, or role models they saw in the examples; and third, over time I compiled a list of thousands of mentoring relationships.

I divided the mentoring relationships into a number of categories to make the connections easier to find. However, as hundreds of examples were added to each category, even I had difficulty recalling who was where. As a result, I’ve created a database that now has all the mentoring relationships listed in one place. It’s still possible to scroll through the list in any one category, but now it’s possible to just type in a person’s name, and all their connections will be displayed.

Here is a list of the ten categories, and a few examples from selected categories. At the end of the examples is the link to the database where you can search away.

  • Actors, Comedians, Producers and Directors (Stage, Screen, and TV)
  • Mentoring relationships depicted in motion pictures and television
  • Musicians, Songwriters, and Singers
  • Classical and Broadway Musicians, Composers, Conductors, Ballet, and Modern Dancers
  • Fashion, Media, and Celebrities
  • Artists, Writers, Photographers, Publishers, Novelists, Poets
  • Mentoring relationships depicted in print (novels stories, fiction)
  • Sports Figures, Athletes, and Coaches
  • Historical, Political, Spiritual and Civic Leaders
  • Business, Industry, Education, Science, and Medical Leaders








To search through the database of mentoring relationships, go to




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