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105+CoverMy fascination with, commitment to, and 60+ year involvement in mentoring started when I entered high school and became connected to an older student who was assigned to be my mentor. I was to learn that the relationship I had with my mentor would last a lifetime even after he died in an auto crash.

Since that time I’ve been blessed with a number of mentoring relationships all of which taught me life lessons that I hope will enable me to leave a similar legacy to those I have mentored.

I’ve learned that in many cases I didn’t know I was being mentored or was acting as a mentor to someone else. That is, at the time, I wasn’t aware of the life-long impact the thoughts, ideas, and actions of another would have on me or how my actions, thoughts, and ideas would leave a legacy for another person. I also learned that distance from another did not act as a barrier to mentoring. In addition, I learned something about mentoring that surprised me: mentoring can occur through literature, music, art, and the physical elements of our planet such as a glorious sunset or a majestic forest.

I think that a mentoring relationship is a primary way our culture is transmitted and transformed. Mentoring has been with us always whether it was elders sharing stories around a fire or modern business leaders considering how best to manage succession.

Recognition of the power of mentoring has prompted thousands of formal mentoring programs in schools, governments, colleges, universities, community agencies, hospitals, professional associations, and the business world.

HallofFame3At Peer Resources we started curating a list of a few well-known persons who were mentors or had been mentored. That list grew exponentially and is now the foundation of our Mentor Hall of Fame.* More than 5,000 mentoring relationships are included in the Mentor Hall of Fame database.

To help celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, I selected more than a 150 mentoring relationships of well-known (and lesser known) Canadians; combined details about their relationships with ideas about mentoring and added examples of how those mentoring ideas were demonstrated in my own mentoring relationships.

The result is my current book on mentoring.  The book provides information about the Four Pillars of Mentoring as a way of helping readers understand what mentoring is and isn’t. It includes several examples of the Four Pillars drawn from my life experience. The majority of the book lists mentor pairings of Canadians, mostly well-known from many walks of life including history, leadership, education, sports, business, medicine, the arts, writing, journalism, music, and the motion picture industry. Non-Canadians are also included when they were mentored by a Canadian or acted as a mentor to a Canadian. A name index is included to make it easier to search for particular individuals.

Where to Get This Book: This book is available as an e-book and is free to members of the Peer Resources Network. The e-book version is also available online from Amazon, local bookstores in the Victoria, British Columbia area, and the Greater Victoria Public Library. (GVPL)

* The Mentor Hall of Fame database includes mentors from all over the world, from all walks of life, and from history. If you’d like to be considered for inclusion in the Hall of Fame, leave a comment here with your mentoring details. If you want to know if you are already in the Mentor Hall of Fame or who else is currently listed, visit our database here.